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Attack Iran? NO!  ~  Attack Syria? NO!  ~  Attack N. Korea? NO!  ~  Attack Pakistan? NO!

These images are provided in PDF format below for printing on 11x17 paper (for signs and posters), and in JPG format to the right online use. They're inspired by the famous and ubiquitous (at least, here in Stumptown) sticker. Please use them, alter them, do whatever you want with them - if want the original Illustrator files (~33MB), contact me at quisquose{at}

NOTE: now sells "Attack Iran? NO!" and "Attack Syria? No!". stickers. Please support them and buy a few.

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(450 Kb - tabloid [11x17], landscape)
Your friendly local copy shop will color laser print this on 11"x17" paper for about $2. Use at a demo or put in your window.

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(750 Kb - tabloid [11x17], portrait, two pages)
The full column on two separate 11x17 pages. Print them out (~$2 per side for color laser printouts at Kinko's) and mount them vertically or on either side of a sign.

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(93 Kb - tabloid [11x17], landscape)
Just Iraq.

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(60 Kb - tabloid [11x17], landscape)
Just Iran.

the column image for web

  • DISCLAIMER: None of the websites listed in the image were involved with the creation of these images.
  • As noted in the image itself, the photos in the montage are used per section 107 of the U.S. Code, which allows for the "fair use" of copyrighted materials when used for education and not for profit. Read if you want to know more.
  • The design was updated in January 2005, when rumblings of a US attack on Iran started to seem more real. Changes include the ">15,000" figure for Iraq (from Iraq Body Count) and new website references for Iran and Syria. When the first design was done in April 2003 the casualty figure was 5,000, which was based off some web research which looked at both civilians and soldiers killed since the beginning of the US-led operations in March 2003. At the time I made a point of including Iraqi soldiers killed in the invasion, as "enemy" soldiers' deaths are so often ignored (ridiculous considering that much of the Iraqi army was apparently conscripted: brothers, husbands, and sons who had no choice). Thus the current >15,000 number is extremely conservative for the total number of people killed so far.

Iraq Body County ticker

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